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Craft Kits and Patterns

Most craft shows (especially juried ones) expect their crafters to be selling original handcrafted work, not copied from a pattern, or replicated from a book. The creativity and originality of your work adds value, and reflects well on the craft show promoters. We are not recommending that you follow patterns or buy kits to create items for sale. However, kits and patterns play a very important role in the creative process.

Well designed kits will help you learn new techniques that you can apply to your own work. Since you don't have to go out and purchase all the materials individually, your nice neat package with clear instructions gives you the time and energy to develop new skills.

I've been designing kits for years and have found that my best sellers are ones that add a little twist to something that is familiar. Add in some basic techniques, and the crafter is inspired to try her own version with different materials.

The Gifttopper: A New Take on Gift Wrapping

This simple kit is a perfect example. Here is a memorable way to present a gift for that special someone! Instead of a standard bow, there sits a butterfly/ dragonfly. This "winged" creature is not to be tossed aside. It is a pin, hair ornament... an extra gift! Pin back is included. If you follow the instructions you can wire the finished piece to a barrette. Basic Directions (download full directions with diagrams and materials list here for PDF file) or Please click here to get the rest of the directions as an html file. (no reigstrstion, this is free!)

Twisted Wire Earrings with Freshwater Pearls!

Here's directions for a delightfully delicate- but well made set of wire wrapped earring. I sell them as a kit, but you can just as easily read the directions and make the earrings with your own materials.

This will give you a jumping off point for some designs of your own! Basic Directions (download full directions with diagrams and materials list here for PDF file) or Please click here to get the rest of the directions as an html file.

How about some silliness? One day while goofing around i came up with a cute design i call my "Bad Hair Day" Pin. You can use any mix of materials you want, the key is to get the hair in a twisty curl with 20 gauge wire and make sure to use big eyes.

A lof of the kit designs i use call for a tight wire coil. The coil is great for use as a "shock absorber" when using glass beads, and it also comes in some great colors and can be cut to any length. If you need to buy some wire coil, you can purchase it at NotJustPartz. we have it in many colors. We also have brilliantly dyed freshwater pearls in a lovely palette of colors (11 mixes). These are top-drilled pearls, the most difficult to find in unusual colors.


An Easy Vintage Look

The Vintage Treasure Collage recycles vintage jewelry pieces into pendants and pins. Includes everything you need. Available complete, or with filigree bases and bags of "vintage bitz".

Perfect for Paper Beads

Original brightly colored designs with fractal patterns printed on a high rag content paper that absorbs glazes and bonds extremely well. Packs include pearl-ex, tools and directions.

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